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A Local Church With a Heart

for Serving Christ Through Others

First and foremost a Bible teaching and Bible believing ministry 

in the heart of West Palm Beach, Florida.

About Us 

Mount Calvary Baptist Church is located in West Palm Beach, Florida. Founded in 1958, Mount Calvary is a vibrant ministry that has kept abreast of the changes in society but has not lost the solid teachings of Christ or the doctrines of the Scriptures. In December of 1993, Mount Calvary affiliated with the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International.

Shepherded by her anointed pastor, Bishop W. Oshea Granger, she has nurtured and matured numerous men and women who are now productive in all areas of Kingdom building at home and abroad. Mount Calvary Baptist Church is recognized by many as a launching pad for those who are serious about a career in ministry.

Mount Calvary is first and foremost a Bible teaching and Bible believing ministry. The Word of God reigns supreme in what is preached and taught by Bishop Granger and other anointed clergy.

In addition to the formal Sunday and Wednesday services; seminars, workshops, and lectures sharpen the skills of members who seek opportunities for ministry and personal Spiritual growth. Mount Calvary is a multi-faceted ministry that seeks to equip and encourage all its members to use their Spiritual gifts and their talents to edify the church.

The congregation is a portrait of diversity: cross-generational, multi-cultural, economic, and educational. The worship service reflects these factors as the members blend in joyful celebration of praise and worship. This unique flavor of diversity manifests itself as members express adoration to their Lord and Savior, Christ, the King.

Our Vision

To cultivate a multi-cultural Ministry that evangelizes souls, edifies saints and equips servants for Christian works, while offering a relevant/radiant worship experience and maintaining a climate of Christian love.

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